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Certified Tester Foundation Leve
Agile Tester
Performance Testing
Automotive Software Tester
Mobile Application Testing
AI Testing
Acceptance Testing
Usability Testing
Model-Based Tester
Test Manager
Test Analyst
Technical Test Analyst
Test Automation Engineer
Game Testing
Agile Technical Tester
Security Tester

SeU Certified Selenium Engineer con Java
SeU Certified Selenium Engineer con Python
AiU – Certified Tester in Artificial Intelligence
AiU – Certified Machine Learning Engineer
AU Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing
AU Certified Specialist in Agile Testing
AU Capturing Agile Requirements by Example
UXU – User Experience Certified Ambassador
DOu Certified Tester in DevOps – Foundation Level
PtU – Certified Performance Tester with JMeter
DAU Certified Data & Analytics Tester
CU Cloud Test Practitioner
CU Cloud Native App Test Specialist
CU Cloud Migration Test Specialist
CU Cloud Infrastructure as Code (Iac) Test Specialist
CU Cloud Testing in Production (TiP) Test Specialist
APIU Certified API, REST and Microservices Tester – with Postman
APIU Certified API, REST and Microservices Tester – with Karate
BcU Certified Blockchain Ethereum Professional

iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level

WITPM Certified Practitioner

IFPUG™ Certified SNAP Practitioner
IFPUG™ Certified Function Point Practitioner
IFPUG™ Certified Function Point Specialist

DSA Certified Design Sprint Master

Core Blockchain – Blockchain for Business

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