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What is the Consulting?

It is a space for you to leave any queries you have. They can be concepts, doubts about the courses, questions that you have been asked in a job interview, situations that you have experienced, etc.

Since these answers are not individual (they will be shared with the rest of the exclusive members), those questions whose answers help the largest number of professionals will be prioritized.

There are all kinds! 

Work experiences, personal experiences, everyday situations... 

Videos de conceptos teóricos y prácticos. 

You will be able to see in deferred the lives that we do with the fans. 

And there will also be videos in English so you can practice the language. 

What are the exclusive videos about?

What is raffled?

Pueden ser cursos, certificaciones, descuentos u otras cosas que los sponsors nos prvoean. 

Estos sorteos se hacen cada dos meses y los ganadores se anuncian por redes sociales. 

The living are meetings with me and all the fans. Although there is an annual planning, the following meetings are adjusted based on the current needs of the participants. 

Some of the activities we carry out are role playing, analysis of job opportunities, feedback on CVs, webinars, live testing practice and much more!

What do you do in the live meetings?