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Courses on Udemy Business

"Find all these courses on Udemy and Udemy Business. Depending on your plan, you'll see all or some of them.

Here re the coursesin the order in which I suggest you do them


Transform your CV to land a job in IT.

Impress recruiters so they'll invite you to interviews

Introduction to manual testing

Everything you need to know to start working as a tester


Exploratory Testing to streamline your testing efforts.

The techniques and tools you need to avoid random testing.

Testing in agile contexts

Everything you need to know to change your mindset and perform successfully in agile teams


Database and SQL for testers

Be encouraged to take your first steps in the world of data testing

Dev tools for testers

Make the most of development tools to enhance your testing.

API Testing with Postman

What you need to know to do your integration tests (functional and non-functional, manual and automated)

Introduction to programming.

Develop your computational thinking and create your first algorithms even if you don't know how to program.


Prepare yourself to pass the Foundation Level certification.

Everything you need to know to pass the certification

Model exams resolution of Agile Tester

Everything you need to know to pass the certification

Resolution of exam models of Foundation Level

We solve the 160 questions of the exam models


Risk management with examples from software testing.

Turn risks into opportunities with proactive management.

Efficient test management with Xray.

Empower Jira and take test management to the next level.

Student Comments


"Very good course, very dynamic and participatory."


"Her presentation is very good because despite doing it for 2 hours almost uninterrupted, she makes it very bearable, entertaining and dynamic."


The course was very complete, easy to understand and enjoyable. The teacher was always willing to help us with all our doubts and concerns.


Her classes are very good and super understandable.

Escribiendo frases favoritas


I liked the way you teach, the material is very helpful. Thanks for introducing me to this interesting world!


Very good diction, transmission of knowledge and good vibes


"She was very cordial. I always learn from the content that she uploads to the networks but in her course I learned a lot more."


"Thank you very much, I loved the solvency with which the courses were given. Very dynamic and complete. "