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How different could be building applications for children? After having participated in these types of projects, I guarantee you that this question should not be underestimated. There are many differences as a result of their preferences, limitations and progress according to the evolutionary stage in which they are.

In this ebook I share my lessons learned and my sources of learning. We will go into the child psychology from a cognitive point of view. We will see how this affects the software development process and how was my experience at UAT stage.

Do not miss this beautiful experience where usability was one of the greatest protagonists.

Language: Spanish 

Pages: 29

Format: PDF

Edition: 1

Fecha de publicación: 2/6/2020

Co-authored books

Starting from the fact that there are 4 basic skills required by the testers of the XXI century, in this book, we share our experience in relation to them. They are:
- Critical thinking
- Creativity
- Colaboration
- Communication

In English they are known as the 4Cs.

Publicado en LeanPub por primera vez en enero 2021.

Based on the methodology with which the book "Around the world with 80 testers" was built, Stephan Kämper and Maik Nogens edited this book that compiles the experience of benchmarks in the software industry working in COVID-19 times. 

The book is free and is built iteratively. 

First edition was published on LeanPub in June 2020.

Viv Richards had the great initiative of contacting testing experts from all over the world to collect in a single book their advice, lessons learned and experiences. In this map podes ver quiénes contribuimos y quiénes contribuirán. El libro es gratuito y se va construyendo de manera iterativa. 

First edition was published on LeanPub in February 2020.