Hi, my name is Nadia Soledad Cavalleri and I was born in March 1985 in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Systems engineer (at UTN-FRBA) and Psychologist (UADE), but if you want to know more about my professional profile, I invite you to visit my profile in Linkedin or visit this site where you will find more information. Here I want to tell you about some things that do not appear in my professional profiles.

When I was a child, I was quite shy and some professional recommended me to do some sport. After trying a few alternatives, I fell in love with the artistic skate on wheels and I trained for more or less 7 years. I participated in different tournaments and competitions, in general, with satisfactory results. Although nowadays I no longer skate, I like to do other sports activities such as playing volleyball, walking, cycling and rollerblading.


En el colegio era muy buena alumna, pues nerd 😉 There I had my first contacts with mathematics, computer science, programming and psychology. In that same school I got my first job replacing for a few months the Programming teacher.

And then at the univeristy, everything began to happen... I made many contacts and some friends, I began to be an assistant, to get my first internship, my first job in systems and, among other things, I began to study Psychology. Yes, for a year I did both careers at the same time. When I get excited about something I go deep. In the same way, I started studying psychology as a hobby but I couldn't resist working as Psychologist during the first years.

Once graduated in both professions I started to travel thanks to the influence of my sister. Now I had more time to do other things! I love getting to know new places, people and cultures. So I enjoy every trip I take whether it's for work, vacations or conferences (I'm not so shy anymore, the sport paid off!). Besides all this, I am very curious. I'm always doing something, it's hard for me to sit still and I like to try new experiences. I share some photos that represent a bit of all this.

Regarding photos, in my free time I have fun making book of photos with friends who are photographers. If you want to see my artistic part you can also go to my YouTube

Finally, I must tell you about a weakness that is sweets… I am a fan of Coca Cola, dulce de leche and white chocolate. And although many people say that it is not chocolate, I do not care. Whatever it's called, I love it.

In short, I am passionate about traveling, sweets, testing and creating content, so when I can travel testing white chocolates and making videos around the world, I am very happy.

Welcome to my site!