How to measure Learnability?

In the previous video I introduced the concept of Learnability. It is a measure of how easy to learn and use is your system and how long it took the user to make an appropriate use of it. But how do we measure it? Here is a summary of the main steps but I invite you to watch the video for more details and examples:

1. Search for representative end users.

2. Select the scenarios that you want to evaluate. 

3. Organize a meeting with the people (step 1).

4. Ask them to make the scenario we want to evaluate. 

5. Take the time corresponding to the first use of the system. 

6. Ask them to redo the same scenario.

7. Take that time again.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 as many times as you want. 

9. Build the learning curve of your system.