Free testing pieces of advice

I suppose that if you entered here is because you are looking for free advice about testing, right? I have some things to share with you:

  • The first edition of the book "Around the World with 80 Software Testers" was published on February 15th. It is a collaborative and iterative book written by 80 testers from all around the world. Janet Gregory and Dorothy Graham are some of the authors. All of them give you some pieces of advice about testing. You can download the book for free at Lean Pub.
  • Also, on this site, you can find free material that I produced (not necessarily advice): e-books, slides, articles, press material and this blog.
  • Finally, I invite you to my YouTube channel where I frequently upload content about testing and software quality on Wednesday every 2 weeks. My channel has different sections: Testing around the world, Conferences, Everyday life bugs, Story times, among others. Here is the last video I recorded to present this book: